Friday, July 2, 2010

The pair!

The pair!, originally uploaded by Modern Notion.
These are two pincushion I made to send to my partner in "The Pincushion Pass" on flickr. They are headed to the Netherlands today!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Half Square Triangles

I am working on a half square triangle quilt. It will be my first quilt. I was inspired by this quilt from Red Pepper Quilts. I'm using solid gray with blue and green prints. I have about 300 made, and with the size I chose, I need closer to 700. Almost half way. I worked on a few layout ideas. Not sure which one to go with yet, though I have 2 favorites. What do you like?
This is one of my favorite layouts. 
I also really like this one which is similar, but bigger:


Here are the others:



When I have more, I'm sure I'll lay them out again and get a better idea of each layout. Until then, let me know which one you like!!

Scrappy Pincushion Swap

Front of the pincushion I'm sending out, originally uploaded by Modern Notion.

This is the pincushion I made for the Scrappy Pincushion Swap on flickr. Sent to Meg of Fashioned by Meg.
Here's the back:

Turned out that we were each other's partners, which we didn't know from the beginning, and here's the one she sent me:

Sooo cute! :) I was dreaming this one might be mine when I saw it in the group pool!

Hope Valley

More Hope Valley, originally uploaded by Modern Notion.
So excited about new hope valley prints from Textile Fabrics, on sale!!

New curtain!!

Top of new curtain!, originally uploaded by Modern Notion.
I am SO excited about this curtain! We have a little nook in the bedroom that doesn't have a door. We use it as a second closet, but it's been a bit of an eye sore until now. I found these great shower curtain hooks at Target that look like our crystal doorknobs. They are perfect for the curtain and match the style of the room.
This was the last thing I was working on when my old sewing machine went out. Now I have a Singer Confidence, which is wooooonderful!!!

Gathered Clutch Swap

Gathered Clutch Swap, originally uploaded by Modern Notion.
This is my latest gathered clutch from the noodleheads tutorial. It's for the flickr swap: Gathered Clutch Swap.

I love these 3 fabrics together from Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley line.

It's going in the mail soon!

Gathered Clutch

This was my first try at the "gathered clutch" made from this tutorial.

As you can see, this first one didn't quite make it as I somehow messed up the zipper tabs. But... I finally got it right on this one:

Potholders HST

Potholders HST, originally uploaded by Modern Notion.
These are 2 potholders I made for Kendra that match the placemats. I haven't sent them yet, so I'm risking that she'll see them here first. If so, surprise Kendra!! :) Otherwise, I'm taking them with me when I go visit her in a few weeks.
I made these using some HSTs I "borrowed" from a pile that will eventually become a quilt.


IMG_5069, originally uploaded by Modern Notion.

Ok, I seem to have gotten a slow start to blogging. For a good reason though! I've been so caught up in flickr and getting new ideas that I haven't had time to blog about all the things I've been making!! First, here's a picture of the placemats finished and wrapped up to send to Kendra, my best friend who just moved away to Kentucky. I think I'll blog separately about the highlights of the things I've made recently. :)